UNiGMUN 2017

Deadline extended: Apply now till Friday, April 28th!

Who wants to be a Diplomat?


Dear friends of Model United Nations,

you are cordially invited to the 10th session of the Model United Nations of the UNi-Gruppe 2017, the UNiGMUN 2017 – a policy recommendation for COP Bonn 2017, which will be held in Berlin from May 19th until May 21st, 2017. The MUN session will be preceded by a presentation and discussion by an expert about the agenda "Technologies for the loss and damage associated with Climate Change" and the consequences for the Small Island States and the challenges for the international community.  This prep meeting will take place on Friday 19th 2017 at 6 p.m. in the German Bundestag (inquired).


You may register for the conference through sending the below appliction form to unigmun2017@yahoo.com or on our website www.uni-gruppe.de . There won’t be a participation fee this year including all observers, NGOs and press team. Also members of the UNi-Gruppe are allowed to participate.

The registration period ends Friday 28th April 2017, at 11 p.m. After that, you will get all materials for preparation.


Since 2007 the UNi-Gruppe organizes the UNiGMUN regularly once per semester. The simulation is conducted in English and open to all people around the world. Unfortunately we cannot reimburse any travel costs or accommodation fees. The MUN includes one weekend (Friday until Sunday) as well as an input lecture on the agenda and a preparation meeting in the run-up to the simulation.

In the last semesters, the Security Council, the General Assembly and the ECOSOC were simulated on very different issues and conflicts, e.g. piracy off the coast of Somalia, North Korea's nuclear program, Westsahara conflict, Kashmir conflict.

Up to 50 students around the world are invited to take the role of an UN-diplomat, an NGO representative or a journalist!

An expert lecture and an extensive Delegate's Handbook including a background guide will help the delegates to prepare for the simulation.

UNiGMUN is one of the famous MUNs in Germany, where inexperienced participants can take part in a Model United Nations for the first time. For experienced students, it is also regarded a great opportunity to prepare themselves for bigger international MUNs. Hence, both experienced and inexperienced delegates are welcome.


The UNiGMUN in May 2017 will host one committee: The United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP 23) UNFCCC secretariat on the agenda "Technologies for the loss and damage associated with Climate Change".

See our website for more detailed information regarding the committee, the delegations, agenda items, program, and venue of the UNiGMUN 2017. If you have further questions about the UNiGMUN 2017 or MUNs in general, feel free to contact us via unigmun2017@yahoo.com.


Kind regards,                                                                                                   UNiGMUN 2017 Team


Application Form


Model United Nations UNi-Gruppe Berlin 2017 (UNiGMUN)

Simulating the

United Nations Conference of the Parties 23 on the agenda "Technologies for the loss and damage associated with Climate Change".


Preparatory Meeting: May 19th 2017, 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Simulation Weekend: May 20th – 21st 2017, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

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We're looking forward to see you at the UNiGMUN 2017!

Send the form to unigmun2017@yahoo.com.

Choice of Delegation



The Convention divides countries into three main groups according to differing commitments:
Annex I Parties include the industrialized countries that were members of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) in 1992, plus countries with economies in transition (the EIT Parties), including the Russian Federation, the Baltic States, and several Central and Eastern European States.

Annex II Parties consist of the OECD members of Annex I, but not the EIT Parties. They are required to provide financial resources to enable developing countries to undertake emissions reduction activities under the Convention and to help them adapt to adverse effects of climate change. In addition, they have to "take all practicable steps" to promote the development and transfer of environmentally friendly technologies to EIT Parties and developing countries. Funding provided by Annex II Parties is channelled mostly through the Convention’s financial mechanism.

Non-Annex I Parties are mostly developing countries. Certain groups of developing countries are recognized by the Convention as being especially vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change, including countries with low-lying coastal areas and those prone to desertification and drought. Others (such as countries that rely heavily on income from fossil fuel production and commerce) feel more vulnerable to the potential economic impacts of climate change response measures. The Convention emphasizes activities that promise to answer the special needs and concerns of these vulnerable countries, such as investment, insurance and technology transfer.
The 49 Parties classified as least developed countries (LDCs) by the United Nations are given special consideration under the Convention on account of their limited capacity to respond to climate change and adapt to its adverse effects. Parties are urged to take full account of the special situation of LDCs when considering funding and technology-transfer activities.

NGOs or

Press team.



For preparation, please follow the links listed below:

https://sdg.iisd.org/events/unfccc-cop-23/ SDGs

https://bonnsustainabilityportal.de/?p=45128 Bonn headquarter of the UNFCCC

https://unfccc.int/parties_and_observers/items/2704.php Parties and observers.

https://unfccc.int/meetings/items/6240.php The Marrakech meeting, COP 22.

https://unfccc.int/paris_agreement/items/9485.php with a cool progress tracker on the Paris Agreement J